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Upgrade to a Mesh Wi-Fi System | PC Onsite

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Are you tired of your internet connection dropping in the middle of important business meetings? Do certain areas of your home or office have crappy Wi-Fi signals?

An issue that many business owners face is how to create a solid Wi-Fi network in their homes or office. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do because of the large size of many offices and the potential for dead spots within your building. We will discuss this problem by examining the benefits of mesh networks, including what they are, how they work, and why you should consider them as an option for your company's Wi-Fi needs.

What Is a Mesh Network?

A mesh network is a Wi-Fi network that uses a series of routers to create a blanket of coverage. These routers can be placed in strategic locations to provide the best possible signal and eliminate dead spots. Mesh networks are popular in homes and small businesses because they are easy to set up and manage, Mesh networks have been around since 2010 but it is only now that they have become more popular with small businesses. There are several reasons why these systems might be preferred over traditional ones, such as being easier to set up or providing better coverage throughout your home or office space.

  • Designed with the consumers in mind, Wi-Fi Mesh Systems are very user-friendly!

  • Conveniently access your information and control the whole system through a simplified dashboard on your phone!

  • Work consistently anywhere in your place. Every corner of your home or office will have a strong Wi-Fi internet connection.

  • Say goodbye to dead spots!

  • Customise your Wi-Fi Mesh System based on your needs, the areas you need to improve your connection on or the overall size of your place!

When you upgrade to a Mesh Wi-Fi system, you can access a secure, high-speed, and long-range Wi-Fi network. Mesh systems enable devices in your network to have faster speeds, more excellent coverage, and a more reliable connection. You'll be able to stream movies without buffering issues, play games online with no lag time, and conduct video conferences without any interruptions.

With mesh technology, you can finally get rid of those annoying dead spots that make it impossible for you to work from anywhere in the building! And we're here every step of the way if anything goes wrong - just give us a call at 021-804-602! We offer IT Support in Auckland, so our customers never miss an important business opportunity ever again! We'll set up everything for you, and you can enjoy all the benefits without any of the hassles.

Book a free, no-obligation call right now for more information on how PC Onsite can help solve all your internet problems today!

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