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Key E-commerce Trends this 2023

With online shopping becoming an increasingly popular choice for Kiwis over the last few years, you may have noticed that e-commerce trends are growing at an incredible rate.

There's so much potential for New Zealand businesses – from how customers shop to how technology and customer service make their experience better – but it can be hard to know where to start when exploring trends.

That's why we want to look at what key e-commerce trends will dominate 2023 and explain their benefits to your business. So, get ready - because we're just about to dive into the latest, cutting-edge developments in e-commerce!

One of the most popular trends in e-commerce right now is mobile commerce or m-commerce. As smartphone use continues to skyrocket and consumers become more accustomed to making purchases, it's becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to ensure their online stores are optimized for mobile devices.

This means making sure your website can be easily navigated and interacted with on mobile and ensuring that the checkout process is straightforward and secure. It also means allowing customers to interact with your business on their phones – whether through social media, live chat or even a mobile app.

Another e-commerce trend we see more and more of is personalization. Customers are becoming accustomed to the idea that their online shopping experiences should be tailored to them, and businesses worldwide are responding with personalized services. This could mean giving customers recommendations based on past purchases, to allowing them to customize items or even providing exclusive deals based on their preferences.

Finally, customers also expect faster delivery times when they shop online, and businesses are responding by finding new ways to streamline the shipping process. One of the ways this is being done is through automation. Companies like Amazon have already started leveraging automated systems to get orders out quickly and efficiently, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

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