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Is Your IT System Working Effectively?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

How many times have you had to take time out of your day to handle IT issues? An IT system that isn't running effectively can completely derail your business, taking precious hours of your day.

At PC Onsite, we give you those hours back by ensuring you have a fully functioning IT operating system. Through our IT support service, our technical support specialists can deliver a solution that aligns with your organisation’s strategies, requirements, and desired outcomes.

We also offer a free usability review that will give you a full scope of how user-friendly your website or mobile app is. We will provide our expert opinion on possible areas of improvement, which may lead to increased conversions and sales.

The team at PC Onsite is dedicated to providing whatever technical support our clients need. Check out what we did for this recent client.

IT Support Services

We offer the best IT Support in Auckland, both remotely and on-site, for small to medium-sized businesses. Our service is designed to be flexible and meet your particular requirements. As a trusted and experienced IT solution provider, we can provide bespoke solutions for your business.

Our service includes:

  • Setting up systems

  • Training

  • Configuration

  • Ongoing support

  • Operation

If you need help with your IT systems or want to know more about our services, then it's best to consult a trusted provider of IT Support in Auckland. Contact PC Onsite today.

Client Story: Cutting Costs of Over 60%

I'm dedicated to helping businesses stay on track and to even help them to save some money on the way.

I helped a customer consolidate his business emails. The customer has eight different domains for each of his businesses. Each business had multiple users, with some users working across more than one of the businesses.

I consolidated all of the users, and made sure each user had the correct corresponding emails into their one mailbox. This helped to avoid lots of confusion and cut the cost of email hosting by over 60%.

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