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Does your router need an upgrade?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

With the global pandemic, chances are your whole family is working or attending school from home, and this is likely to be putting more strain on your home’s network.

If everyone in your house starts the day with a Zoom meeting and your internet keeps dropping out or going slow, we’re here to help. But keep reading for some simple things you can check first.

As you can see from our client story, sometimes the fix is literally as simple as pushing a button - if you know where to look.

Is your internet connection letting you down?

We know how frustrating it can be when your internet connection is sluggish or intermittent. Not to mention the potential embarrassment when your important Zoom call suddenly disconnects (it happens to the best of us!). If you’re having connection problems, the first things to check are your internet speed and your router/modem. To find out if internet speed is an issue, take an online speed test on your ISP’s home page or by searching using the provider’s name and “speed test.” The faster your internet speed the better, but the bare minimum for working from home is 8 Mbps download speed and 1.5 Mbps upload speed. If speed isn’t the problem, the router and modem (or router/modem combo) is the next place to look. You might have a faulty cable between modem and router, or the router may be in a dead spot or obstructed by walls or floors. If you can’t move the router, a range extender might be the answer. The problem might be the router itself, especially if it’s single-band or more than three years old. The default modem provided by some ISPs are just not powerful enough to fully cover your house or cope with multiple devices. As well as working over longer distances and reducing interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi, a new router should allow you to prioritise network traffic so your work computer always gets first priority. If you think you need a new router or want to find out about other ways to improve your Wi-Fi at home then it's best to consult a trusted provider of IT Support in Auckland. get in touch with PC Onsite today.

Client story: Seeing the problem more clearly

A customer working from home called me because he was having problems with his Wi-Fi. After trying everything I could think of and still not finding the cause, I had him turn on Facetime so I could see what was going on. I noticed that a small switch on the side of his laptop, marked Wi-Fi, had been knocked to the off position. He turned the switch back on and, sure enough, his Wi-Fi was back up and running.

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