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The most common data breach isn’t some hooded criminal sitting in a dark corner behind a desk. It’s human error.
Accidentally clicking phishing emails or using unknown USBs are all small, momentary decisions that can have hugely damaging consequences for businesses. Even a disgruntled ex-employee deleting a single file can send companies into disaster mode. While human error may be unavoidable, there are systems that can be put in place to protect you and your data from being vulnerable to breaches.

Backing up data, removing employee access, and engaging with experts at PC Onsite will help keep your data safe in cases where user error becomes a threat.

Providing the best cybersecurity in Auckland, PC Onsite can help protect your data, prevent data breaches, and ensure business continuity.

PC Onsite can help you:


Backing up your data


Keeping all devices and platforms up to date


Implement two-factor authentication


Install anti-virus software


Provide training to help prevent data breaches

PC Onsite takes cybersecurity seriously, and we cover all your bases. When disaster strikes (and it will), you’ll know you’re protected by a highly trusted IT Support in Auckland.
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