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The Secret to Keeping Your Team Connected

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Communicating and collaborating as a team is that much harder when everyone is working remotely, and almost impossible without a virtual workplace.

Keep reading for an update on Google Workspace, which is a reinvention of the G Suite. Following changes made by Google throughout 2020, Workspace brings together even more of the individual apps that people know and love into a single, integrated solution.

We’ve also included a client story that shows internet problems aren’t always complicated. Sometimes the fix is literally as simple as pushing a button - if you know where to look.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace continues the evolution of G Suite and offers the same set of tools and premium features for a price, with some additions thrown on top. Developers have been able to build applications that integrate with Gmail, Drive, and Docs for years. Enhancements to the Google Workspace platform now make it just as easy for developers to build applications and integrate with Google Meet, Chat and Spaces. Rather than jumping between these tools, everything is available in one central spot. Google Workspace is not a free service, though all the tools available in Workspace do have free consumer versions. There are a few different pricing tiers to match the needs of your organisation, starting from $9 per user per month. At the bare minimum, everyone in the Workspace gets a custom and secure business email address, video meetings, cloud storage, and support. From there, it depends on how large your organisation is and what advanced features you want. If you want to discuss the possibilities for Google Workspace in your business, get in touch with a Google Workspace Expert in Auckland. Contact PC Onsite today and start working in a better way.

Client story: Seeing the problem more clearly

A customer working from home called me because he was having problems with his WiFi. After trying everything I could think of and still not finding the cause, I had him turn on Facetime so I could see what was going on. I noticed that a small switch on the side of his laptop, marked WiFi, had been knocked to the off position. He turned the switch back on and, sure enough, his WiFi was back up and running.

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