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The Different Stages of Digital Transformation

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

After several years of interviews with digital transformation leaders, Altimer released a report that defined six stages of digital transformation. Together, the six stages provide a guide for purposeful, results-driven transformation initiatives

The 6 Stages of Digital Transformation

  1. Business as usual, status quo — The current state of your organization

  2. Present and active — A time of experimentation throughout the organization when you encourage creativity and improved digital literacy skills

  3. Formalized — When experimentation becomes more intentional, initiatives become clearer, and you start looking for leadership buy-in

  4. Strategic — The point when groups start collaborating and sharing their research in order to create strategic plans for the transformation

  5. Converged — The formulation of a dedicated digital transformation team that will guide the strategy, establish goals, and put systems in place to support the transformation

  6. Innovative and adaptive — When digital transformation becomes a part of the business and leadership establishes a system for monitoring technology and market trends so that the company can continue to evolve

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