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How to video conference with Google Meet

Google is making enterprise-grade video conferencing available to everyone. Now, anyone with a Google Account can create an online meeting with up to 100 participants and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting.

Businesses, schools, and other organizations can take advantage of advanced features, including meetings with up to 250 internal or external participants and live streaming to up to 100,000 viewers within a domain.Google Hangouts is a widely-used communication tool from Google that offers easy-to-join video calls, allowing people to meet face to face from different parts of the world. To access Google Hangouts, you can simply follow this link or open Hangouts in Gmail.

How to use Google Hangouts for a video call?

So before you set up a Google Hangout for video conferencing, you will be required to create an event in your Google Calendar. Once that is done, you will be able to invite attendees to the meeting, who will receive the invitation through an email, alerting them to the event and requesting them to RSVP.

How to schedule a Google Hangout meeting?

Step 1: Once you have logged in to your Google account using a Mac or PC, you will need to visit the Google Calendar site.

Step 2: In Google Calendar, you will have to click on ‘Create’ to add a new event to the calendar.

The ‘Create’ option is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Enter all the required details of the event, which include the name of the meeting, the date and time of the meeting, etc.

Step 4: Select the ‘Add a location or conferencing’ feature and then click ‘Add conferencing’ to enable Google Hangouts.

Step 5: You will see the ‘Add guests’ field where you will be required to input the email addresses or contact names of those individuals that you wish to invite to your Hangout meeting.

Step 6: After filling all the required fields, click on ‘Save’ to schedule the Google Hangout meet. This will send out invites to all your attendees.

If you wish to invite more people to your meeting after the first setup process, it can be done by simply clicking on the event that appears in your Google Calendar, and enter the additional emails under the 'Guests' tab before clicking 'Save'.

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