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Email marketing: It’s how you drive business.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Why is email marketing important today? Simply, because it works. And yes, email is still ranked as one of the most effective marketing channels according to Ascend2’s 2019 Digital Marketing Strategies Survey Summary Report.

Like your website, email marketing also creates an asset you own. The contacts on your list are yours. And if you’re doing it right, those are people who have said, “Yes, I want you to market to me.”

Email marketing also allows you to automate much of the communication so the emails your contacts receive feel timely and relevant. Automation assures you get the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Some Names of Email Marketing

  1. Welcome email example

  2. Promotional email example

  3. Resource email

  4. Invitation to Connect

When someone signs up to receive your emails, they are actively demonstrating interest in you and your business.

Take advantage of this time when a new contact is highly engaged and automate a couple of emails to continue the conversation. Whether they sign up today or a week from today, they won’t have to wait for you to manually send an email to hear from you.

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