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Autotask Endpoint Backup: Backup Business Continuity

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

If you are a manager, you have a responsibility to ensure your workforce stays productive and undeterred no matter what comes along. What are you doing to ensure a quick, seamless recovery when a disaster hits? Autotask Endpoint Backup has fast and easy data restore functions to help you maintain productivity in the face of a data breach, cyber attack, or natural disaster.

Autotask Endpoint Backup is like an insurance plan for your business.

Data backups are copies of the files that enable a full restore. There are at least a dozen different backup types, many of which can be used concurrently. Not only can the type of backup vary, so can the backup process.

Traditionally, backups were physical copies. Many IT departments today may be familiar with – or still use – tape backups. While tape backups are still useful, there are newer, more effective ways to backup data. Virtualization provides more effective, strategic backup tools, like snapshots, replication, and live migrations.

Why Backups Matter – Ransomware And Business Continuity

Let’s use the pervasive threat of ransomware as an example. Cybercriminals lock-down and hold hostage your data. Pay up, or lose every data asset you have – and, in some cases, wait for the criminals to publish your data on the web for all to see. But’s not just your company’s data that is at stake, in addition to sensitive financial data or company secrets, there is client data and even employee data to consider

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